How to prevent sun aging (and it's not just about using sunscreen)

The sun’s UV radiation damages the most precious part of your skin: the DNA in your cells. And as you must know by now, skin has a memory. The damage it suffers today will turn into sagging and wrinkles in a few months. And then it will be much more difficult to reverse.

The sun ages the skin more than age itself. A whole year of treatment and care can be ruined if you don’t protect your skin in the summer from what ages it the most.

The sun damages cells and causes dehydration and inflammation. A lot of this damage can be repaired. And it’s much easier to do so when it’s just happened than when it’s already turned into visible signs like wrinkles or spots.

Sun damage ends up turning into wrinkles, sagging and spots. It’s much easier to repair that damage when it occurs than to reverse its effects later.

A regeneration routine as a before and after sun treatment will repair the damage that UV radiation causes to your skin before it turns into visible signs of facial aging.

In this image of skin seen under ultraviolet light you can see lesions which, if not treated, will turn into spots in a few weeks.

Just as important as what you do when you’re sunbathing is what you do at home, before you go out in the morning and when you go to bed at night.


Sunlight causes damage, but it’s also essential for synthesizing vitamins, so total sun block is not recommended unless your dermatologist prescribes it.

The best way to sunbathe is to use a medium factor sunscreen, between 30 and 50. And every half hour clean the skin and reapply cream.

A micellar water in your beach bag to clean the skin and your SPF 30–50 cream sunscreen are the best recommendations to protect your skin while you’re sunbathing.

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