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Whether your concern is wrinkles, sagging, dryness or cellulite among others, here are real testimonials from women like you.

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Concentrated Booster Serum
Isabel Ibañez Gallego

For me, the serum is irreplaceable. As well as the day cream and Lasergen at night.

Lidia Becana
Good products

My cream fetish is lasergen, I have dry skin and after menopause much more and this cream gives me flexibility and comfort in my skin. The neck cream is great and it reduces my neck wrinkles.


For me it is the best of Endor together with the serum and the firming body cream. I haven't noticed anything special about the contour and day cream, maybe it's soon. Overall very good

A good combination

About the Day & Night combo normal skin or mixed
I love the concentrated Booster serum, it leaves my skin more luminous and hydrated. My favorite is the lasergen cream, I like its texture and together with the serum I have noticed more elasticity in the skin.


My big concern is the double chin, I have been using it for several months and I have noticed how much better my neck is, sagging has improved and the skin looks more hydrated and smooth.

Bio active Neck and Neckline

My big concern is the jowls, I've been using it for several months and I've noticed how much better my neck is, sagging has improved and the skin looks more hydrated and smooth.


Almost a year ago I started using Endor Neck Decolleté and since then it has become an essential routine for me, it has significantly improved the firmness of my neck, I am delighted with it and with my other Endor routines

Illuminator Eye Contour
Sigrid Schilling
Lasergen, Firming and Body shaping cream, cream illuminator eye contour, anti aging cream

Excellent products. I am 59 years old and I did not expect many results. The textures of Lasergen, Firming and Body shaping cream, the illuminator eye contour and anti aging cream are perfect. With Lasergen I immediately noticed a positive reaction on my skin, the appearance in general improves every day. The Firming an Body shaping cream noticeably improved the firmness of the arms, I can't believe it but it is. The illuminator eye contour leaves a very pleasant sensation and it is also improving my eye contour a lot (the eyelids as far as I am concerned will need a little more time, but there is an improvement). Finally, the mixed skin anti aging cream facial cream is perfect, as it leaves the skin fresh and not greasy at all. I tried the Booster, I only have the sample and it is absorbed immediately, I can't comment yet. In short, all the products have surprised me with their effectiveness and feeling of comfort. Recommended and will be my daily routine.


Impressive, when I put it on I notice how my skin absorbs it right away. I've been using it for a year and a half or so and my skin feels plumper

An excellent duo

After more than 30 years of long experience as a consumer of anti-cellulite and reducers, I unquestionably prefer the Summer Body duo.
The synergy of the two products produces a visible improvement in the appearance and firmness of the skin. Consistently and compared to other products that promise better results

Lola E.

Definitely my favorite cream, it leaves your skin with a sensation of great comfort.Totally recommended !

I've been using the anti-cellulite for several months and I'm delighted

Essential Anticellulite Cream
Adela Lasaosa Dueso
Really, IT WORKS!!!

I have used anti-cellulite for the last 6 months , firming body, serum, nourishing day, night and eye contour.... I started with a couple of products for But seeing its good result, I have been expanding, it does not disappoint NONE.

Avant-garde technology for the skin

After trying several top brands, at the anti-aging and moisturizing level, the CONCENTRATED BOOSTER SERUM is the best I've ever tried. The skin breathes and hydrates. You notice its effect, not on a superficial level, but the internal sensation of freshness is brutal. It is my basic and I always carry it with me. When I notice stressed skin, I apply a few drops and start again. Recommended 100%

Bioactive Cream
A good day-to-day face cream

I've been using it for a few weeks Bioactive Cream day cream for normal to combination skin and I really like the unctuous texture but fresh and not greasy at all. I think it's early to notice the anti-flaccidity effect it promises. But so far the feeling is very good.

A real find

I found this brand while searching effective treatments, for me it was important that they did not test on animals and that they were vegan. When I read the trajectory of Endor it seemed interesting to me since his line of research is broad. When I tried the body and facial treatments I totally fell in love with their products.
I have atopic and dry skin, most creams tend to cause some type of reaction, with Endor I did not have this problem because it leaves the skin soft and without a greasy feeling.
My favorites are Lasergen Cream and Firming & Body Shaping Cream. Shipments have always been on time and without any problems. I can only encourage you to try them and check the results.

Serum and Bioactive

Perfect hydration
Very nice cream and spectacular serum.

Very interesting

So far I have used two products.
Lasergen facial regenerating cream. I use it at night and I like it more and more. Very good absorption, feeling of hydration without being sticky and in the morning I still feel hydrated skin. Comment that the bottle lasts a long time, since the amount is greater than what most brands usually carry and you also need to apply a small amount to achieve its goal.
Concentrated booster serum. I have only used it once and it seemed too liquid and not very moisturizing. But I'm going to give it another try.

Milagros Ortega
Highly recommended products

I discovered the Endor brand precisely because My dermatologist recommended it to me. So far I have used two of their products, Firming&Body and Lasergen facial regenerating cream. I have to say about the Firming&Body cream that its texture is wonderful and that it leaves the skin hydrated and not greasy at all.
The effects at the reduction level are difficult to appreciate, although the skin seems firmer and I guess I have to give it more time.
I use Lasergen cream at night and I am very happy with its results. It absorbs very well and in the morning your skin feels very hydrated and comfortable. I also have to add that its price is very interesting, since its content is 100 ml., something unusual and appreciated.


Facials give a smooth texture AND the body slimmers I've tried really work

Essential Anticellulite Cream - worked na!

I've been using the cream for almost a year. I see a clear improvement. I like the texture and the smell.

DUO Facial Nutritive
Lidia Aguilera
DUO Facial Nutritive

Since I use This cream together with the serum I have noticed a great change in my skin. I am very happy to have found the solution to the lack of elasticity of my facial skin.By using them frequently, I have noticed that the sensation of freshness and elasticity that I had not found for a long time has returned
I'm so happy!

My favorite combination

The Concentrated Booster Serum me I love it, I have used it alone and combined with Bioactive Cream and with Lasergen. My favorite option is combined with Lasergen since this cream absorbs very well, leaving a zero greasy feeling, even less than the Bioactive cream, which is for combination skin. In my case the Lasergen leaves less shine and combined with the Serum the result is great.

DUO Facial Nutritive
Maribel Codina Sanchez
Serum, cream nourishing and anti-cellulite

The serum and the nourishing restore the dryness caused by doing my favorite sport, swimming. It is pleasant to put on, immediately noticing freshness and elasticity.
The anti-cellulite, the best I've tried. Recommended by my dermatologist. It has a very pleasant texture and aroma.

Firming & Body Shaping Cream
Licia Helena Rodriguez Rodriguez
Firming & Body Shaping Cream

It really shows, even in the short term. The skin is softer and smoother, and I don't know if it is a reduction in contour or a decrease in fluid retention, but it is noticeable in the legs from the first day, I will repeat without hesitation