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A cream specifically for reducing saggy skin and wrinkles on your face.

Saggy skin is a sign that your skin is losing the internal structure supporting it. The most innovative science is needed to regain firmness in a way you’ll notice.

We created Lasergen to help damaged skins recover from the most aggressive treatments. Applied on healthy skin, it can regenerate the inside of your skin with a result that conventional cosmetics would find impossible to achieve (we demonstrate this at the end of this page).

The formula is a lightweight, fast-absorbing cream with a nutrition point. No shine.

With no SPF, it’s ideal as a night treatment With no SPF, it’s ideal as a night treatment.

Vol. 100 ml.

We promise that if you don’t see any effects, we’ll refund the purchase amount.

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The highest concentration of our active skin-regeneration ingredient has resulted from biomedical research. We’ve combined it with the best advances in conventional cosmetics, and the most proven natural cosmetics.

- Active Hyaluronan: The most advanced medical science has resulted in a revolutionary ingredient capable of reducing saggy skin and wrinkles on your face.

- Aloe vera: Regenerates and nourishes the skin with a high concentration of vitamins and minerals.

- Shea butter: Deeply hydrates and nourishes, locking moisture in your skin.

- Amino acids: Reduce the depth of wrinkles and make your skin smoother.

- NO fragrances with allergens. You won’t see terms like “Linalool, Geraniol, and Limonene” in our ingredients. This is how we protect your skin from allergic reactions.

- NO colorants, irritating alcohols, sulfates, formaldehydes, phenols, or any other substance that can harm your skin.

Ingredients: Aqua, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, gold thioethylamino hyaluronic acid (nano), cetearyl alcohol, coco caprylate/caprate, octyldodecanol, butyrospermum parkii butter, glycerin, cetearyl glucoside, glyceryl stearate, parfum, caprylyl glycol, xanthan gum, sodium benzoate, dipropylene glycol, disodium edta, glyceryl caprylate, potassium sorbate.

- Beauty starts with clean skin. Cleanse your face properly before applying the cream. If you wear makeup, first use a cleansing milk and then a face wash, mousse, or toner.

- Vigorously massage the cream into your forehead, cheeks, nose, nasolabial fold, neck, and nape until it has been completely absorbed. Take your time.

- Apply the cream morning and night ((if you use Bioactive in the morning, don’t use Lasergen). Be consistent. You’ll notice that your skin starts to improve in a few days, although it takes around a month to see results in saggy skin and wrinkles.

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Customer Reviews

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Muy contenta

Ha mejorado la textura de mi piel. No tengo muchas arrugas así que eso me hace más difícil evaluar eficacia. De momento se queda en mi rutina diaria


Me encanta la textura y la sensaxiude suavidad sin dar grasa. Seguiré usándola

Tere Barrot de la Puente

Me gusta mucho y es efectivo.Mi piel lo agradece

Mercedes Candela Rodriguez

La textura es estupenda, muy agradable de poner,
necesitando muy poquita cantidad para repartir por todo el rostro, y también la pongo en el cuello
Me gusta mucho

Juana María
Crema que con sensación agradable

Llevo poco tiempo usándola y aún no he notado mucha mejoría, aunque a mi edad soy consciente de que los resultados son más lentos

this is how we test it works

Current cosmetics use hyaluronic acid as a moisturizer or filler. But it’s so much more than that. LBiomedical science has helped us unleash its full regenerative potential.

The following image is from a biopsy taken from a volunteer after she’d been using the cream for 28 days. The pink is the skin. The white is the empty spaces that cause saggy skin.

Note the difference. This is what we do inside to have a visible effect on the outside.

The study was conducted at the Institute of Photomedicine of the Teknon Clinic. It was coordinated by Dr. Joan Ramón Garcés and the researcher Gabriel Buendía.

The real effect

The real effect of liking the way you look goes beyond having fewer wrinkles or firmer skin. The real change happens in your life.

When you’re happier with the way you look, you make more plans, spend less time at home, have less of a routine, and more enthusiasm about meeting up with your favorite people. A more fulfilled life. We do research to help in any way we can to achieve this change.

use with the serum

Extreme Regenerator DUO

Extreme Regenerator DUO

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When applied before the cream, the serum accelerates and enhances the result. The effect will be amplified and faster. You’ll enjoy combining both because your skin will feel smooth and hydrated.