About us

We founded Endor in 2007 and have been dedicated to cancer research ever since. In 2016, to ensure the long-term viability of the company and accelerate our research, we decided to open a skin care pipeline where we apply the best of what we learned in medical research.

In our routines you can find the result of this research, with an efficacy that has earned the trust of the best aesthetic doctors and what is even more important, that of our clients.

Our hope is that the medical research we develop every day reaches you and contributes to make your life better.


  • Biotech product of the year. European Biotechnology Congress2016: "Cancer treatment through the use of immunostimulating proteins".

  • Award for the best innovative company 2014. University of Barcelona.

  • Innovative Company. Recognition granted by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of the Government of Spain.

  • SME company at the EMA (European Medicines Agency).



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  • Project: "Development and clinical application of an oncological drug delivery system using nanoparticles" Participant: Endor Technologies S.L. Funding: Centro de DesarrolloTecnológico Industrial (CDTI). Year: 2011.

  • Project: "Sustainable Hydrothermal Manufacturing of Nanomaterials(SHYMAN)". Participants: Endor Technologies S.L., NottinghamUniversity, University of Valladolid, Instytut Wysokich Cisnien, DelftUniversity, Trinity College Dublin, GTVP, Promethean Particles, CentroRicerche FIAT, Akzo Nobel, Repsol, Solvay, Topgan, Itaprochim, LewarGmbH, Boots UK, Van Loon Chemical Innovations, Pielaszek Research,Ceramysis. Funding: European Commission, Seventh Framework Program. Year:2011.

  • Project: "Nanosost: Towards a Responsible and Safe Nanotechnology".Participants: Endor Technologies S.L., Ceretox, Instituto Carlos III, Leia, Inasmet, Solutex. Funding: Ministry of Science and Innovation. Year: 2008.

  • Project: "Design of nanoheat sources for cosmetic applications". Participants: Endor Technologies S.L., Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO). Funding: ACCIO. Year: 2008.

  • Project: "Synthesis of advanced nanomaterials for their application in nanomedicine: ferromagnetic structures and multiple conjugation" Participant: Endor Technologies S.L. Funding: Centro de DesarrolloTecnológico Industrial (CDTI). Year: 2007.

  • Project: "Synthesis of advanced nanomaterials for their application in nanomedicine: Nano Au-Co". Participants: Endor Technologies S.L., Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology. Funding: Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism. Year: 2007.