Men’s skin is worse as a result

The skin on men’s faces has two aspects that make it hard to use cosmetics and obtain effective results on wrinkles and saggy skin: the thickness of the stratum corneum and their beard.

The stratum corneum is the last layer of the epidermis. Formed of dead cells, it’s the protective covering of the skin. This layer is thicker in men, which means it hinders the already hard task of getting active ingredients into the skin so they can reach living cells.

Even if men are clean shaven, their beards make it hard for creams to absorb and also for there to be a pleasant feel when they apply them. If they’ve let their beard grow, the problem is even greater because only gel or liquid textures can go through the hair and reach the skin.

There’s also a third important factor that means men’s skins are generally worse cared for than women’s skins. Men don’t usually know the principles of skincare. We’re not just talking about using serums and creams. Cleansing, which is vital for skincare, is a habit men seem to skip.

Or they don’t cleanse before they put cream on, or they only wash their face with water (which isn’t washing, it’s wetting and drying), or they use hand soap. All three options are bad for skin. Shaving doesn’t help either as the blade really irritates skin

As they have thicker skin and a beard (even when clean shaven), nutritive and creamy textures are usually not well tolerated or comfortable. They don’t absorb well, and they leave a dirty, greasy after-feel.

Thicker skin, a beard, and mostly unsuitable cleansing habits make it hard for cosmetics to be effective in men.

The first purchase a man should make to care for his skin is a face soap.. They don’t need a cleansing milk because they don’t use makeup. A mousse soap is more than enough. This alone would result in a substantial change.

The next step is to replace aftershave by a serum.. After shaving, their face feels irritated, but also exfoliated. That’s when they should apply a regenerating serum. The active ingredients will penetrate better, the skin will regenerate more, and the effect will be far more than relieving irritation after shaving. Skin will be treated on the inside.

Finally, a routine formed by a liquid serum, the best choice for men with beards, and a cream-gel for normal to oily skins, which is absorbed very quickly, is the ULTIMATE face care for men. The difference is noticeable at any age.

The eye contour is a supplementary cream that men highly appreciate. And as the contour skin is thinner, it’s the most unisex product of all face care. Bags, dark circles, saggy eyelid skin, and expression lines are aspects that both men and women are concerned about.

Concentrated Booster Serum

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Concentrated Booster Serum

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Regenerates your skin. Calms and revitalizes. Ideal as an aftershave substitute.