Men have worse skin due to these factors.

The skin of men on the face has two factors that make it difficult to use cosmetics and obtain efficacy on wrinkles and flaccidity: the beard and the thickness of the stratum corneum.

The stratum corneum is the last epidermal layer. It is made up of dead cells and is the covering that protects the skin. In men, this layer is thicker, which hinders the already difficult task of getting active ingredients into the skin so that they reach where the living cells are.

On the other hand, the beard, even if it is shaving, makes it difficult for creams to be absorbed and also for the sensation to be pleasant when applied. If the beard is grown, the problem is even greater because only textures in gel or liquid form will be able to penetrate the hair and reach the skin.

Finally, there remains a third factor, very important, which makes the Men's skin is generally worse cared for than women's. And it is that men are often unaware of the fundamentals of skin care. We are no longer talking about using serum and cream. Cleanliness, so important to take care of the skin, is the one that is largely forgotten by the male public.

Either they don't clean before putting on the cream, or they wash their faces only with water (which isn't washing, it's wet and dry) or they use hand soaps. All three options are bad for the skin. Shaving doesn't help either as the razor blade is very irritating to the skin.

Because they have thicker skin and beards (even if shaved), nourishing and creamy textures are often poorly tolerated and uncomfortable. They don't absorb well and leave a dirty, greasy feel.

Thicker skin, beards and poor cleaning habits make it difficult for cosmetics to be effective on men.

The first purchase a man should make to take care of his skin is a soap specially indicated for the face . They don't need cleansing milk because they don't wear makeup. A mousse soap is more than enough. Only that will give them a substantial change.

The next step is to replace the aftershave with a Serum. After shaving, the face is irritated...but also exfoliated. You have to take advantage of it and apply a regenerating serum. The active ingredients will enter better, the skin will regenerate more and you will not only be relieving the irritation of shaving. You will be treating the inside of the skin.

Finally, a routine made up of a liquid serum, the best option if you have a beard, and a cream-gel for normal to oily skin that is very well absorbed. fast is the TOP of facial care for men. The difference will be seen at any age.

The Eye Contour is a complementary cream highly valued by men and since the skin in the contour is thinner, it is the most unisex of all facial care. Bags, dark circles, sagging eyelids and expression wrinkles are factors that concern men and women alike.

Concentrated Booster Serum

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Concentrated Booster Serum

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Regenerates the skin. Calm and revitalize. Ideal as a substitute for after shave.