How hyaluronic acid helps nourish your skin

A lot has been published on the role hyaluronic acid plays in skin. You’ve probably often read that it helps plump up skin, make it firmer, and reduce wrinkles. It also plays a crucial role in keeping skin hydrated, as it can absorb 1000 times its weight in water.

All this is true. But having skin rich in hyaluronic acid leads to a crucially important impact that usually remains unexplored. Today we’re going to tell you about it.

To understand this mostly unknown function of hyaluronic acid, we need to understand how nutrients reach our skin from our blood.

Blood transports nutrients and oxygen to the skin through veins. As the veins get closer to your skin, they get narrower until they become capillaries. The nutrients and oxygen in the blood then leave the capillaries and soak the skin. Now deplete of nutrients and oxygen, the blood starts to return to the heart and lungs.

The nutrients and oxygen leaving the capillaries are now absorbed by the skin as if it were a sponge. That’s how they reach all our cells and give them energy.

And this is the issue. The skin’s “sponginess” comes from hyaluronic acid. This means that when there’s more hyaluronic acid in your skin, the nutrients and oxygen in your blood will reach more cells and be absorbed more effectively. No cream can beat deep nutrition and oxygenation of cells.

What we can achieve with creams is more hyaluronic acid so that these nutrients are better distributed and reach the entire skin.p>

When hyaluronic acid increases in your skin, it becomes spongier and more effective at absorbing the nutrients and oxygen carried by your blood.

This is a biopsy showing how our Bioactive Cream combined with our Serum increases the amount of hyaluronic acid (blue) in your skin.

This effect makes paying attention to something that mustn’t be overlooked even more crucial: the importance of diet on health and skin appearance. Not even science’s most advanced active ingredient can compete with what you eat.

A healthy, balanced diet rich in vitamins will keep your skin healthy and young. Besides keeping your skin firm, creams will increase the number of nutrients you ingest with your food reaching your skin and also improve the process.

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