Skinimalism will transform your skin and your habits.

More and more people notice sensitized skin. This begins to seem normal, it is not. One of the reasons why the skin becomes sensitized is the excess of cosmetic products. The skincare industry sometimes goes overboard when it comes to proposing products.

One wrinkle cream, one anti-aging (what's the difference?), one with vitamin C, one firming, one moisturizer , a different one to regenerate, another with retinol, one more with hyaluronic acid... And the same for serums. In short, one doesn't know what to choose among so many options.

The current trend in skin care is skinimalism. Bet on short, effective, logical routines that do not expose your skin to an excessive amount of cosmetics that can end up sensitizing it. And why not say it, it saves us a good amount of investment in creams.

The essential is cleaning, serum, cream and that's it. Twice daily. Not for more products we are going to get more effect. Consistency is much more important than using many creams.

Neck cream? If you only want to reduce wrinkles and sagging, it is the facial cream that you have to put on your face, neck, décolleté and nape. A neck cream is not necessary unless you want to reduce localized fat.
The essential is cleansing, cream and serum twice a day. They can then be supplemented with other products. Bet on quality before quantity.
Then you can use accessories such as an eye contour daily or a mask and peeling once a week. You have to get what you want using the minimum number of products possible and at the same time that they have gentle formulas with the skin.

On the shelf of your bathroom there should be a facial, a serum, the products to clean the skin and nothing more. In the wardrobe peeling, mask and contour.

Invest in quality rather than quantity. Your skin will thank you.
Normal Face DUO

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Normal Face DUO

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Complete facial routine to reduce sagging and wrinkles on the face, neck and décolletage.