Skinimalism will transform your skin and your habits

More and more people are noticing that their skin is sensitized. Although this is beginning to seem the norm, it isn’t. One of the reasons why skin becomes sensitized is excessive use of cosmetic products. The skincare industry sometimes goes over the top with the number of products on offer.

One cream for wrinkles, one for anti-aging (what’s the difference?), another with vitamin C, another for firming, a moisturizer, another for regenerating, another with retinol, yet another with hyaluronic acid... The same goes for serums. With so much on offer, you really don’t know what to choose.

The current trend in skincare is skinimalism. This means opting for short, effective, and logical routines that don’t expose your skin to an excessive amount of cosmetics that end up sensitizing it. And why not admit it? It helps us save a lot on the amount we invest in creams.

What’s essential is cleansing, serum, and cream. That’s it. Twice a day. More products aren’t going to help us achieve a better outcome. Consistency is far more important than using many creams.

Do you need a cream for your neck? If you only want to reduce wrinkles and saggy skin, put face cream on your face, neck, neckline, and nape. A neck cream isn’t necessary unless you want to reduce localized fat.
What’s essential is cleansing, cream, and serum twice a day. This can then be supplemented with other products. Always go for quality over quantity.
You can then supplement this by using an eye contour daily or a mask and exfoliating once a week. You need to achieve the desired effect with the smallest number of products possible and also ensure the formulas of the ones you choose are kind to your skin.

On your bathroom shelf you should have a face cream, a serum, products to cleanse your skin, and nothing else. In the cupboard you should have scrubs, masks, and a contour.

Invest in quality rather than quantity. Your skin will thank you.
Normal Face DUO

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Normal Face DUO

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Complete routine to reduce saggy skin and wrinkles on your face, neck, and neckline.