Two essential tips to take care of your contour

“There are two reasons for using a specific cream for your eye contour.

The first is that the contour area has places to be treated that are not found in any other part of our face, for example, bags and dark circles. Expression lines are also especially marked in the contour area because that’s where the skin is thinner.

The second reason is stinging. Creams are at room temperature. But your skin’s temperature is 36°C. Evaporations occur when you apply cream to your skin. If these evaporations occur near your eye, they may cause stinging.

Eye contours are formulated with very neutral ingredients so that their vapors don’t irritate. They’re very sophisticated, which is why 15 ml of Eye Contour Cream costs virtually the same as a 50 ml face cream.

A crucial point to bear in mind is that they don’t usually contain sunscreen so as not to  irritate your eyes. That’s why it’s essential to protect your contour area. No fashion accessory is more justified or will do more to keep your face young than a good pair of sunglasses. You shouldn’t skimp on them. Use one with glass lenses and with UVA and UVB filters. Both in summer and in winter.

How you apply cream is especially important in the eye contour. Use movements from inwards to outwards, creating a drainage effect on bags and dark circles. As we mentioned above, the skin in the contour area is very thin and that’s why it’s usually an easy area to see results in. Improvements are noticed immediately, and you don’t have to be as consistent as with the face creams and especially the body creams.
A specific cream and sunglasses in winter and in summer are the best advice for preventing and reversing the signs of aging in the eye contour.
The texture of face creams is usually tailored to men and women’s skin. But that’s not the case for the eye contours, which are the most common products on the market. Men also have thin skin in their eye contour and there’s no beard to contend with.

Here’s a tip :-). If you’ve run out of contour and you want to improvise until you can get hold of one, do this: Close your eyes and apply the face cream or Serum in your contour area. Keep your eyes closed for ten seconds and then open them. During this time, the vapors will have dispersed, and you won’t feel any stinging.”
Illuminator Eye Contour

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Illuminator Eye Contour

60,00 € €60.00
Improves flaccid eyelids, expression lines, reduces dark circles, and hydrates.