Why are night creams making a comeback?

Decades ago, emollient technology for facial creams was in its infancy. Most face creams leave skin shiny and feel greasy and uncomfortable. Of course, they were not the best for going out with a feeling of cleanliness and well-being.

This gave rise to the idea of ​​"day and night treatment" in the cosmetic world. It is not because the skin has different needs during the day than at night. The skin is the same at any time of the day. The reason was that the creams were very greasy and not suitable for being seen with it on.

The usual routine then was to apply a very soft cream, with hardly any, during the day and at night to apply the one that did have active ingredients because it did not matter so much that it left shine since we went to bed.

Over the years the science of emollients has evolved. The cosmetic industry achieved increasingly sophisticated textures to the point where a cream was immediately absorbed without leaving residue, shine or a greasy feel. The concept of "day and night" treatment has come to an end.

The routine then changed to using a fast-absorbing serum with an intense effect, usually with a higher concentration of active ingredients, and then a cream. The same routine for day and night.

Why then, in the 21st century, is using a day cream and a night cream returning to routines?. For the Sun.

In recent years we have become aware of the importance of protecting the skin from the sun. Once again, the industry has responded to this need by including low-protection sunscreens in its formulas. They are not designed to spend a day at the beach but to protect the skin during everyday life.


But it turns out that doctors began to argue that sunscreens, while not harmful in any way, had no reason to be an overnight treatment. And why expose the skin to an ingredient it doesn't need.

This idea has made me return to the routine of day cream, with sun protection factor, and night cream without it.

In the past, night creams were used because they left a shine and greasy feeling and were not suitable for day-to-day use. Today they are used to save sunscreen on the skin when it is not needed.

In our collection you will find the creams Bioactive Cream and Bioactive Nutritive Cream (for normal-oily skin and dry skin respectively) with SPF 20. And also Lasergen, the regenerator without SPF, with food-grade preservatives and allergen-free perfume, so that your skin repairs itself overnight without anything it doesn't need. And of course the Serum.


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