Enzymatic Mousse

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Gentle, soapy mousse. It’s the second step in the cleansing protocol. Its purpose is to remove water-soluble impurities, like bacteria, dead cells, pollution, and dirt.

It has a light, enzymatic, and exfoliating action activated by papaya extract. It helps reduce the stratum corneum of the skin and aids absorption of the active ingredients in the creams and Serum we apply afterwards.

It calms and hydrates, and it’s suitable for all skin types.

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The mousse is the second cleansing stage. Its composition purifies your skin and prepares it for the Cream and the Serum.

- Emollients to retain water on the surface.

- Bitter orange extract: calming and smoothing effect.

- Papaya extract: low intensity enzyme exfoliant effect to remove dead cells.

- No fragrances with allergens. You won’t see terms like “Linalool, Geraniol, and Limonene” in our ingredients. This is how we protect your skin from allergic reactions.

- No colorants, irritating alcohols, sulfates, formaldehydes, phenols, or any other substance that can harm your skin.

- Moisten your face with water and apply a little of the mousse onto wet hands. Rub between your hands to create a soft foam.

- Vigorously massage the mousse into your face paying special attention to the areas where most dirt accumulates.

- ARinse with water.

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Customer Reviews

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Empezé con la hidratante Bio Activ y me gustó tanto que he incorporado el serum, el contorno de ojos y la mousse limpiadora. Me encantan.

Incondicional de la marca

Llevo unos meses usando el limpiador, la crema de noche, la de día y el contorno. No es un bisturí pero puedo asegurar que son los mejores productos que he usado y se nota su eficacia . Por mi edad (59 años) voy a cambiar a la nutritiva de día

Limpiador endor

El mejor limpiador que he tenido!!! Con poco producto te lo quita todo, hasta las pecas!!!!

Reseca y no se aclara bien

El packaging echa mucho producto y es muy difícil de aclarar. Aún echándote abundante agua te siguen quedando residuos que, al aplicarte el serum, este se vuelve jabonoso también. Luego de esto la piel se queda muy seca. Calidad precio no compensa.

Marian Lekerika
Encantada de poder usarlo

La limpieza facial es un cuidado esencial para cualquier piel. La verdad la recomiendo totalmente .

it's not the wrinkles

"Now I feel like going out more and being with people."

Messages like this one represent the true effect of our science and the reason why we research skincare: helping our customers feel better about their appearance and enjoy a more fulfilled life with more enthusiasm about making plans.

use with Bioactive Cream

Normal Face DUO

Normal Face DUO

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First clean your skin, then apply the treatment. The serum and cream absorb better, and their active ingredients reach inside your skin.