Enzymatic Mousse

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Soft soapy mousse. It is the second step of the cleaning protocol. Its function is to remove water-soluble impurities such as bacteria, dead cells, pollution and dirt.

It has a light enzymatic exfoliating action activated by papaya extract. It helps to reduce the horny layer of the skin and facilitate the passage of the active ingredients that we will apply later with the creams and the Serum.

Soothes and hydrates and is suitable for all skin types.

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The Mousse is the second step of cleaning. Its composition purifies the skin and prepares it for the Cream and Serum.

- Emollients to retain water on the surface.

- Citrus Aurantium extract: calming and softening effect.

- Papaya extract: low intensity enzymatic exfoliating effect to remove dead cells.

- No to perfumes with allergens. In our ingredients you will not see terms like "Linalol, Geraniol, Limonene,...". This is how we protect your skin from allergic reactions.

- No to dyes, irritating alcohols, sulfates, formaldehydes, phenols or any substance that is harmful to your skin.

- Moisten the face with water and on wet hands, apply a little Mousse. Rub between your hands to create a very soft foam.

- Apply the mousse on the face with an energetic massage, paying special attention to the areas where more dirt accumulates.

- Rinse with water abundant.

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Customer Reviews

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Marian Lekerika Larrabe
Delighted to be able to use it
Facial cleansing is an essential care for any skin. The truth is that I totally recommend it. >

Cleanses the skin without drying it out. Leaves skin soft and luminous. I use it every other day. I recommend it, since the main thing with the skin is good hygiene.

Exfoliating Mousse

Use the exfoliating mousse for a month, for my mixed skin type I have seen that it is better alternate with a milder cleanser.

Also, I shared it with a person who has acne-prone skin. She got better results, her skin became more even and smooth.

What I like the most is the relaxing effect of the product.

Hello Liza, thank you very much for your opinion. Indeed, the mousse contains bitter orange extract that has a gentle exfoliating action. That means that daily use of the mousse can be somewhat annoying and that it is very good to combine it with other softer cleansers. We have put the warning on the product page.


Very nice and useful

Like the other products, this is a very nice cream that is easy to apply.When cleaning is deep and complete, the results speak for themselves!


It leaves the skin luminous and fresh, the texture is very soft and it spreads a lot, I use it every night

it's not the wrinkles

"Now I want to go out and be with people more."

Posts like this represent the true effect of our science and the reason for our research in skin care: to help our clients to look better and thus have a fuller life and more enthusiasm for making plans.

use it with Bioactive Cream

Normal Face DUO

Normal Face DUO

111,60 € 124,00 €
After the cleaning comes the treatment. Serum and Cream are better absorbed and their active ingredients reach the interior of the skin.